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An Auburn Student’s Culinary Success

Fried calamari, stuffed poblano peppers, and homemade sushi are just a few of the incredible and mouthwatering dishes that college senior Delaney Burst makes. In her free time between classes she is either wandering the isles of every grocery store in Auburn or flipping through her collection of cookbooks.

Cajun Roots

Growing up in New Orleans, Burst was accustomed to the food culture that was constantly around her. Her parents instilled in her early on a love and appreciation for decadent dishes. All Burst family gatherings were centered around overflowing pots of cajun gumbo.

“Whenever we are together, the conversation revolves around food in every form,” Burst said.  “New restaurants, new recipes and shows we’ve watched on the food network.”


Coming to Auburn

Moving to Auburn Burst was in a completely new territory, no longer surrounded by home cooked meals in New Orleans and forced to rely on campus dining. After moving out of the dorm and into an apartment her sophomore year of college, Burst had more resources to begin cooking and creating recipes of her own at school.

When her incredible dishes became a huge hit according to her roommates and friends, she decided to create a social platform that would allow her to showcase her meals and inspire other students to cook.

In the fall of her sophomore year Burst created an Instagram account called @dankdishesbyd and it became an immediate hit for Auburn students as well as other food lovers around the country.



After Burst created the account, her love for cooking and spending time creating not only picturesque but also mouth watering dishes grew. With over 600 pictures of her delicious creations, there is no dish that Burst shys away from.

Her dad, an avid fisherman, spends time catching fresh tuna, snapper and sword fish in the Gulf which they both use to make sushi hand rolls, fish tacos and fried fish dishes.

On Sundays, when most college students are relaxing after long weekends or busy studying in the library, Burst can be found flipping through page after page of her collection of cookbooks to plan her week’s meals.

Her junior year of college Burst wanted to create a cookbook with some of her favorite dishes to sell to parents, friends, and fans of the account. The beautifully bound cookbook sold over 100 copies and was the ultimate showcase of her culinary creations.

With nearly 4,000 followers and fans that recognize the @dankdishesbyd brand, it is apparent that her culinary successes will continue grow and lead her in her future endeavors.

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